About Us

Baladi Establishment was built in 1991 in Ammatour El Chouf, Lebanon. We are a socially driven family business offering essential high quality agri-food products that are prepared according to homemade methods. 

Baladi is the embodiment of its late founder’s master’s thesis. The thesis argued that the key for economic sustainability in rural areas is through the processing and distribution of the agricultural products of local farmers and producers.This vision became a family tradition and a successful business that holds on to the original values and vision while keeping up with the technological and economic developments.

Our promise

Our promise is to remain committed to our vision of rural development while providing our customers with high quality essential foods products. We are a family business that:

  • Offers high quality homemade style agri-foods
  • Operates while promoting the interests of the community and local producers
  • Promotes social values and attachment to the land 
  • Cares for preserving and protecting the environment
  • Models sustainability and circular economy